• World’s costliest number plate put on sale for ₹132 cr
    Published Date : 09-Apr-2018 10:27:20IST

    The world’s most expensive number plate has been listed for £14.4 million (₹132 crore) by UK-based businessman Afzal Kahn, the owner of Kahn Design. The ‘F1’ license plate is priced over 10 times the Bugatti Veyron car it is currently linked to. The plate has been owned by Kahn since 2008 when he reportedly purchased it for £440,000 (₹4 crore).

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  • Amazon now world’s third-most valuable company
    Published Date : 15-Feb-2018 10:53:22IST

    With a market cap of $702.5 billion, Amazon has become the third most valuable company in the world, racing past Microsoft, which has a market cap of $699.2 billion. According to a report in The New York Post, Amazon stock surged 2.6 per cent on Wednesday, taking the company’s market cap ahead of Microsoft for the first time. Apple tops the list with $849.2 billion market cap, followed by Google’s parent company Alphabet at $745.1 billion.

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  • Auto co to change car name ‘Trumpchi’ for US market
    Published Date : 18-Jan-2018 7:08:52IST

    Chinese auto maker GAC is changing the name of models it plans to introduce in the US market next year, because “Trumpchi” sounds too much like its linked to President Trump. “The name will change for the US market to avoid the wrong connotation,” a GAC spokesman said. The Trumpchi models have been available in China for years, and the word actually means “legend” in Chinese, the spokesman said.

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  • Only 1.7% Indians paid income tax in 2015-16
    Published Date : 25-Dec-2017 9:18:24IST

    As per data released by the Income Tax department, just over 2 crore Indians, or 1.7% of the total population, paid income tax in the assessment year 2015-16. Around 4 crore people filed returns, with only 2.06 crore actually paying tax. The total income tax paid declined to ₹1.88 lakh crore in 2015-16, from ₹1.91 lakh crore in 2014-15.

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  • Big B’s ₹1.6cr investment in blockchain firm grows to ₹112cr
    Published Date : 20-Dec-2017 7:48:03IST

    The value of an investment by Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan in a Singapore blockchain firm offering microfinance through cryptocurrencies has grown 70 times from $250,000 (₹1.6cr) to $17.5 mn (₹112cr) in 2.5 years. In 2015, the Bachchans had invested in Meridian Tech, whose asset Ziddu.com was acquired by Nasdaq-listed LongFin Corp last week. Following the acquisition, LongFin’s stock rose 1,200%.

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  • ₹5,000 crore spent on printing new ₹500 notes
    Published Date : 18-Dec-2017 10:53:34IST

    Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan on Monday informed the Lok Sabha that about ₹5,000 crore was spent on the printing of nearly 1,700 crore pieces of new ₹500 notes post demonetisation. He also said that nearly ₹1,300 crore was spent on the printing of new ₹2,000 notes. Similarly, over ₹520 crore has been spent on the printing of ₹200 notes.

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  • Richest 10% earned 55% of total income in India
    Published Date : 14-Dec-2017 9:25:41IST

    The share of national income captured by India’s top 10% of earners was 55% in 2016, according to the World Inequality Report. It added that the level of income inequality in India in 2016 matched that in sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil. The income inequality was the highest in the Middle East, where the top 10% capture 61% of national income.

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  • Ex-supermarket worker named world’s richest YouTuber
    Published Date : 09-Dec-2017 9:53:04IST

    The Forbes Magazine has named former Tesco supermarket worker Dan Middleton as the world’s richest YouTuber after he made a fortune of $16.5 million this year. The 26-year-old shares videos of himself playing video games and describes gameplay and strategies on his YouTube channel, DanTDM. Middleton makes money from advertising on the videos and is classed as a professional YouTuber.

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  • Fake restaurant becomes London’s top-rated eatery
    Published Date : 09-Dec-2017 7:04:46IST

    A non-existent restaurant supposedly based in a garden shed briefly became London’s top eating place on travel and restaurant website TripAdvisor. Starting at 18,149, the worst restaurant in London, “The Shed at Dulwich” worked its way up the rankings thanks to fake reviews sent from different computers to avoid TripAdvisor’s defences. The restaurant was soon inundated with booking demands, PR offers and media requests, shooting its rating to the number one spot in London just six months after its initial listing.

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  • Facebook Co-founder Saverin becomes Singapore’s richest man
    Published Date : 08-Dec-2017 9:31:35IST

    Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin has become Singapore’s richest person with a net worth of $10.4 billion. Saverin, who still holds a minority stake in Facebook, has replaced siblings Robert and Philip Ng, who have been Singapore’s richest since 2010 and have an estimated fortune of $10 billion. Saverin became a Singapore resident after giving up his US citizenship in 2012.

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  • Twins Who Sued Facebook Become Billionaires
    Published Date : 04-Dec-2017 4:06:13IST

    Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twins who claimed Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook, are believed to have become the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires. The pair received $65 million settlement from Facebook and used $11 million of that money to invest in Bitcoin in 2013. Since then, the cryptocurrency has surged by almost 10,000%, making the 36-year-old brothers billionaires.

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  • YouTube pulls out 1,50,000 videos of kids
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2017 8:59:54IST

    YouTube pulled 1,50,000 videos of children after lewd comments about them were posted by viewers, as the Google-owned platform sought to reassure advertisers their messages would be kept out of compromising situations. The online video sharing behemoth confirmed on Thursday that it deleted several hundred accounts along with the thousands of videos that were problematic. The move came after a newspaper reported that ads for big-name brands were displayed alongside videos of children or teens which, while innocent on their own, drew viewer comments that seemed pedophile in nature.

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  • Row over disturbing YouTube autocomplete suggestions
    Published Date : 28-Nov-2017 9:01:17IST

    YouTube’s autocomplete feature has been suggesting disturbing search terms to users. People have found that typing “how to have” into the site’s search bar caused highly inappropriate suggestions to appear regarding child sexual abuse. YouTube confirmed that the site’s search bar had been showing disturbing suggestions, but said it was no longer the case. “We are investigating this matter to determine what was behind the appearance of this autocompletion,” a YouTube spokesperson said.

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  • Actress buys stake in fashion startup ‘StyleCracker’
    Published Date : 21-Nov-2017 11:41:52IST

    Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has picked up a small minority stake in fashion-tech startup StyleCracker. Started in 2013 by Dhiman Shah and Archana Walavalkar, the four-year-old company offers customers personalized fashion boxes curated by celebrity stylists. StyleCracker launched customized boxes four months back. Priced at Rs 2,999, Rs 4,999 and Rs 6,999, these boxes contain an apparel, accessories, cosmetics and even footwear.

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  • Apple’s ₹89,000 iPhone X costs ₹23,200 to make
    Published Date : 07-Nov-2017 7:03:12IST

    Apple’s most expensive phone iPhone X’s base model, that is selling for ₹89,000 in India, costs the company ₹23,200 to make, according to technology intelligence firm TechInsights. iPhone X’s parts cost Apple 25% more than the iPhone 8, it added. Further, iPhone X makes the company more money per phone than the iPhone 8.

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