•  Wake up Nivetha wake up
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 10:01:37IST

    Some beautiful Tollywood heroines fail to keep themselves in shape after a couple of big hits. Mallu girl Nithya Menon lost her shape and began looking plump. As a result, the film offers were down to a trickle. Now, another heroine seems to be going her way. Nivetha Thomas, who wowed everyone with her stunning looks and performance in Ninnu Kori and Jai Lava Kusa, seems to be adding extra tyres to her figure. She looked chubby for the launch of Kalyan Ram film. We feel she should wakeup soon and get back to shape at the earliest.

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  •  Mahesh fans worried over this combo
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 8:10:40IST

    Usually, when a strong hero-director combo gets fixed, the fans should be elated. But, when Sukumar-Mahesh Babu project got fixed, the fans are wary and even worried. The reason? They feel Sukumar will take at least two years to chisel and finetune the film. This means after Vamsi Paidipally project, the next  Mahesh film could be out only in 2020. The fans are worried about this. Even otherwise, Suku’s earlier outing with Mahesh wasn’t a pleasant experience box-office wise.

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  • When will Balayya- Vinayak film begin?
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 7:01:44IST

    They worked together some 16 years ago. Now, both Balayya Babu and director VV Vinayak are set to come together again. Producer C Kalyan has confirmed this. He said this film will be launched in May and would be released next Sankranthi. But, will this happen? There are doubts because Balayya wants to release NTR biopic by this Dasara. If he cannot allocate time, how can VV Vinayak make a film and release it next Sankranthi?

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  • She missed Mahesh offer, but took Prabhas’ offer
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 5:51:09IST

    German origin Indian actress Evelyn Sharma is playing a key role in Prabhas-starrer Saaho. Evelyn forayed into Bollywood with ‘Sidney with love.’ In fact, she had earlier got an opportunity to work with Mahesh Babu, but could not take that up because of dates issue. But, ever since she watched ‘Baahubali’, he felt the urge to work with Prabhas. Now, her wishes have been fulfilled. She will be doing some thrilling action scenes in the film.

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  • Shock for Tamannaah
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 5:20:17IST

    Tamannaah is currently doing a Hindi film titled ‘Khamoshi.’ The film is also being made into Tamil. Shockingly for her, though the Tamil version was okayed quickly, producer Vashu Bhagnani was not fully happy with the Hindi version. The shooting has since been stopped and Vashu wanted a reshoot. This came as a shock for Tamannaah. The most difficult part for her is in adjusting dates to allocate time for the reshoot. Tamannaah plays a deaf girl in this film.

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  • Raj Tharun’s loss is Vijay Devarakona’ s gain
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 5:17:25IST

    Vijay Devarakonda’s Taxiwala is set for May 18 release. The film is revolves around a ghost in a car. Originally, Raj Tharun was to play this role. But,  he felt the story was not meaty enough and that the rural audience might not like it. So, the role went to Vijay. Now this has turned out to be a win-win deal for him. He sold the overseas rights to a third party for a handsome profit. Even the producers made good money from the film by selling the digisat rights. So, Raj Tharun’s loss is Vijay’s gain.

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  • 10 min track to be added to Bharat Ane Nenu
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 2:14:57IST

    Bharat Ane Nenu is already a three-hour-long film. Now, another 10 minutes of film track is going to be added to it taking it to 3.10 hours. During the pruning, several interesting scenes were chopped off and some of the chopped scenes were Mahesh Babu’s faourite scenes. So, the unit now wants to add some scenes. Among these is the Holi fight scene, that Mahesh likes immensely.

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  • Actions scenes shot for NTR-Trivikram projecct
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 12:13:41IST

    Young Tiger NTR and Trivikram Srinivas project has just begun shooting at the Ramoji Film City. Initially, a heavy fight sequence was shot. Now, another heavy duty action sequence is being picturised. NTR is said to be sporting a six pack look and a washboard abdomen. The shoot is said to be on till April 23. After this, the next schedule is set to begin from May 3. The film is being produced by the Haarika Haasini Creations.

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  • No more insecurity for Samantha
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 12:11:33IST

    Samantha says she suffered from insecurity in the beginning of her career. But, once she began to see this as a vocation, she stopped worrying. This change, she says, has helped her a lot in her career. Samantha, who is enjoying marital bliss as well as professional progress, says she is happy doing different roles and is savouring the accolades she is getting for those performances. She is now playing a key role in Savitri biopic ‘Mahanati.

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  • Give me award-winning roles
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 11:55:20IST

    Anjala Zaveri sizzled on the Telugu screen in the 1990s. Then, somewhere along, she bid adieu to films, married and settled in life. Now, she wants to re-enter Tollywood the way Simran and Bhumika are doing. She says she is game for acting if the offers are meaty and the roles are substantive. But, she says she wants to do roles that get her awards for performance. Well!! We need to look for roles like the ones that Sridevi did in Mom.

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  • Anushka dons Virat Kohli’s tank top
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 9:18:04IST

    Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s love story is a major hit amongst fans and while Virat cannot stop gushing over his ladylove, Anushka continues to fly kisses to her man at the recently IPL matches. However, apart from these, their love also means sharing clothes and that definitely makes us blush. Anushka has been snapped donning Virat’s outfits at the airport, at shoots and at the gym. This time around, Anushka was again spotted sporting the same tank top as Virat with CARRE’ written on i

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  • Kamal Haasan lashes out at casting couch culture
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 9:07:16IST

    Kamal on Tuesday lashed out at the ‘casting couch culture’, which choreographer Saroj Khan had defended, saying no woman should favour it and diminish the rights of women including his daughter in the film industry. “It is the right of a woman to refuse to sit, lie down or kick away that couch, and no woman shall talk in favour of it and reduce (diminish) the rights of my sister and daughter who is also in the industry,” he said when asked at a media interaction to respond to Saroj Khan’s views.

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  • What Next for Vakkantham Vamsi?
    Published Date : 24-Apr-2018 10:01:54IST

    Vakkantham Vamsi has proved himself as a story writer. With ‘Naa Peru Surya,’ he is proving himself as a story-teller. So, what next for this director? Sources close to him say that he has three stories ready for Mega camp. But, which Mega hero will work with him? As of now, things are very vague. Each Mega Hero has his own set of projects already in the pipeline. Though a friend, NTR seems to be fighting shy to work with him. So, what next for Vakkantham Vamsi?

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  • Devansh to make screen debut with NTR biopic
    Published Date : 24-Apr-2018 8:27:04IST

    There is a strong buzz that almost all NTR scions would be seen in NTR biopic. Efforts are on to use Balakrishna’s grandson and son of Minister Lokesh and Brahmani – Devansh to play infant NTR in the film. Similarly, Kalyan Ram’s son Shourya Ram would be shown as child NTR. Kalyan Ram, Harikrishna and Tarak Ratna too would play small roles. But, there is no mention of Junior NTR for any kind of role in this prestigious biopic.

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  • Naa Peru Surya: A case of too many cooks?
    Published Date : 24-Apr-2018 7:22:43IST

    Too many cooks spoil the broth. The same is coming out to be true for Bunny’s Naa Peru Surya. Lagadapati Sridhar is the producer for this film. Bunny Vas came into the picture because of Bunny’s insistence. Despite getting ready for release, the publicity has not yet picked up pace. Now, Allu Aravind has entered the fray. With this there are three agencies and three PR firms to take care of the publicity wing. The result? Utter confusion!!

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