• Not Nithiin, but Nikhil for Venky

    Not Nithiin, but Nikhil for Venky

    Published Date : 20-Mar-2018 5:11:16 IST

    Will Venky Kudumula’s next film be with Nithiin or Nikhil? Well! Initially Nithiin’s name was doing the rounds. Venky had even narrated the story line to Nithiin. But, somewhere along, he also narrated the same story to Nikhil. But, why Nikhil? Those close to Venky say that the film’s budget can be kept firmly under leash if Nikhil plays the protagonist. The film can be completed in 6-7 crores and the film can easily to a business of Rs 10 crore. If it’s Nithiin, the budget estimates might go awry, feels Venky.

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