• Will VV Vinayak compensate for ‘Intelligent’ flop?

    Will VV Vinayak compensate for ‘Intelligent’ flop?

    Published Date : 13-Feb-2018 1:43:53 IST

    Post-Akhil disaster, director VV Vinayak had given back Rs 3 crore from his remuneration of Rs 10 crore. ‘Intelligent’ was a VV Vinayak project in every which way. He made the film, marketed it, promoted it and roped in Prabhas for helping in the promotions. Everyone who bought the film, did it because of VV Vinayak. Will he now do what he did when ‘Akhil’ flopped? He might repay to some pals, but definitely not all. What about producer C Kalyan? He might do a film for him for free in future.

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