• What was this questionable businessman doing with Anushka?
    Published Date : 22-May-2017 5:39:18 IST

    Anushka Shetty, who wowed all as Maharani Devasena in Baahubali 2, has offered special prayers at Mookambika temple in Karnataka’s Kollur. She went there along with her mother Prafulla, brother Gunaranjan and a Kannada businessman-cum-actor-cum-political activist Mutthappa Rai. She did not seek any VIP treatment and behaved like any other ordinary devotee. Interestingly, Mutthappa Rai was earlier questioned by RAW, CBI and other bodies for money laundering.

  • Raj Tarun wants to do 30 films with this heroine
    Published Date : 22-May-2017 5:15:52 IST

    Hero Raj Tarun, who did three films with Hebah Patel, says he is very comfy with the Kumar 21 F girl. He says though they have acted thrice together, he does not find her boring. He said he wanted to do 30 films with Hebah.This statement is sure to give lot of grist for the rumour mill. In fact, his link-up with Hebah is also a hot talk of discussion.

  • Prabhas to learn Hindi for ‘Saaho’
    Published Date : 22-May-2017 1:39:38 IST

    Prabhas’ next film Saaho, an action drama, will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. To be able to speak his own dialogues in Hindi, Prabhas will update his command over the language. Sources say, “Prabhas’ gyaan of Hindi is i. In Baahubali and its sequel, his dialogues in Hindi were dubbed by actor Sharad Kelkar. But now, Prabhas will speak his own lines in Saaho. He intends to get himself a Hindi coach and start learning the language properly before the first long schedule begins in July.”

  • Alia Bhatt was DENIED entry in a London bar for THIS reason!
    Published Date : 22-May-2017 9:37:03 IST

    Alia Bhatt revealed that she was once not allowed to enter a bar in London because they thought that she was too young. In a chat with Hindustan Times that she once went to a bar in London, where she was denied entry because they thought she was underage. The Dear Zindagi actor even produced her ID, but she was still not allowed inside, because they thought it was fake.

  • Know who this expressive girl standing besides Devasena
    Published Date : 21-May-2017 11:32:31 IST

    Rajamouli is a past-master in etching filmi characters. That’s the reason why people go ga ga over him. Look at this pic. The girl by Anushka’s side is Ashrita Vemuganti. She plays a small role in Baahubali 2. But, even her role, appearance and other issues have been fully taken care of by Rajamouli. Rajamouli once saw her dance recital and offered her a role. Though small, this is enough to sweep Ashrita off her feet.

  • Rajiv was assassinated 26 years ago on this day
    Published Date : 21-May-2017 10:47:01 IST

    Former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, was assassinated by a female suicide bomber on May 21, 1991, while conducting an election campaign in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. The bomb attack was carried out by Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, also known as Dhanu, who was reportedly a member of the Sri Lankan militant organisation Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

  • Aishwarya’s gown needs 5 helpers
    Published Date : 21-May-2017 9:31:16 IST

    Aishwarya Rai sparked at the Cannes Festival red carpet. But, more than her, her gown made news. The gown was so huge and so elaborate that it needed five people to help Aishwarya to climb up the steps. These five persons have to help her conduct herself. Though a huge photo op, the gown is difficult to handle. Getting in and out of the cars, sitting in a chair and other such tasks call for lot of effort. Behind the beautiful smile, lies hours of endurance and effort.

  • Why RP Patnaik stopped scoring music?
    Published Date : 21-May-2017 9:26:15 IST

    Why has RP Patnaik stopped scoring music for films? Patnaik himself said that while he was scoring music for Nenunnanu, a film industry biggie came to him and told him that the film wasn’t getting business because he was scoring the music for it. He said that he had then decided not to put the producers to trouble. If my presence affects producers, I should opt out, he said. But, he added that it was not Nagarjuna. I enjoy best of relations with him, says Patnaik.

  • Allu Aravind okays Boyapati’s script for Chiru
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 8:40:51 IST

    Allu Aravind is planning to make Chiru’s next film after Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. Chiru-Aravind together have made a lot of commercial films. This will be another commercial flick. This film will be directed by Boyapati Sreenu, who prepared a story especially for Chiru. The film will have mass elements and heroism that will elevate Chiru’s image. Allu Aravind has asked Boyapati Sreenu to prepare a bound script.

  • NTR fans love Harish Shankar’s tweet
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 7:37:53 IST

    Director Harish Shankar is known for his special comments on heroes. On NTR’s birthday, he tweeted and greeted him. He called him ‘Only One Take Hero.’ Though Harish is an out-and-out Pawan Kalyan fan, he has special love for NTR. He also has a special relation with Allu Arjun and Ravi Teja. But, his comments on NTR have won the hearts of NTR fans. They reacted saying NTR owes a hit to you anna.

  • Why Rajamouli gifted his book to police officials?
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 6:37:38 IST

    SS Rajamouli is one film personality who never forgets those who helped him. He went to Hyderabad cyber crime police to thank them for busting Baahubali piracy gang. He met DCP Avinash Mahanty and ACP Raghuveer. He heard from them as to how they busted the crime. He thanked them for their quick response and gifted DCP Avinash Mahanty Baahubali Epic volumes. A nice gesture indeed from ace director.

  • Hot Kajal’s cool strategy!!
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 5:46:33 IST

    Kajal Aggarwal is one lucky girl. Most actors go to summer resorts to beat the summer heat. But, this lass is mixing business and pleasure. She is shooting in the cooler climes of Europe. She is shooting for Ajith’s Vivegam in Skopje of Serbia. From there, she will go to Poland to shoot for hero Vijay’s film. Most other heroines are slogging it under the hot sun, but Kajal is cooling off in chilly Europe. Clever strategy indeed!

  • Is this the name of NTR’s negative role in Jai Lava Kusa?
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 5:44:35 IST

    NTR’s first look for Jai Lava Kusa has been released to tumultuous reception from fans. NTR is playing three roles and one of them has negative shades. Sources also say that the film’s title has all three names – Jai, Lava Kumar and Kushal. The first look is that of the negative role since ten-headed Ravana’s image is in the background. If the sources are to be believed, Jai is the baddie, while others are heroes. Heroine Nandita will play his love interest.

  • Sudheer Varma is the exact opposite of Rajamouli
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 1:47:13 IST

    If bigger is beautiful for Rajamouli, it is small is sensible for director Sudheer Varma. He made Keshava in just 6.5 crore. This includes remunerations and everything else. But, he managed to churn out a fare with rich look. He used drones, gave lot of aerial views and used latest technology. The secret lay in his perfect planning, usage of call-sheets optimally. There were no sets and most of it was shot outdoors. That’s the secret.

  • Will Shruthi pull of the feat?
    Published Date : 20-May-2017 12:46:22 IST

    Tamil flick Sanghamitra is the talk of the town these days. This Shruthi Haasan film is being made at a whopping budget of Rs 350 crore. The first look of the film was released at Cannes film fest. But, what makes tongues wagging is that does Shruthi have the ability to draw audience on her own to the theaters. She is not known so far for histrionics. So, can she pull off the feat is the big question? Well, prove critics wrong Shruthi!!