• Akhil’s fan-boy moment with this superstar
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 5:50:36 IST

    Akkineni Akhil had his fan boy moment when he bumped into one of the biggest superstars of the Hindi film industry, Hrithik Roshan. Akhil shared this cool picture he had taken with Hrithik on his Twitter handle. “It’s incredible when you meet a superstar like this. What a man what performer. Thank u sir again for taking the time to meet me. @iHrithik. All the best for for #Kaabil very happy to hear it’s being dubbed in Telugu. great news sir !,” he posted.

  • An Open Letter from YS Jagan to Chandrababu
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 4:48:15 IST

    YS Jagan dashed off an Open Letter to Chandrababu on Saturday. He wanted to know whether people friendly programs such as Aarogyasri were being diluted purposefully or have weakened due to the incompetence of the government. “It is an unfortunate reality today that people in AP are forced to sell away their lands in order to pay for their health and education. Even that is not being allowed by the government in some places as land registrations have been stopped so the government can grab their lands forcefully,” YS Jagan said.

  • Charan’s Dhruva creates a record before its release!
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 3:30:36 IST

    The trailer of Dhruva has driven fans into a frenzy. More than 5 million people watched the trailer on YouTube. Ram Charan’s new uber look is one of the plus points for the trailer along with Surender’s stylish shot composing, pulsating background music and most importantly the intriguing plot. This is a first where a Tollywood film trailer has crossed a substantial number of views in such a short span of time. We can only assume what records would be broken post the release of the film.

  • Love my sister, but can’t help her get over depression
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 3:23:45 IST

    Actress Alia Bhatt has said that though she loves her elder sister Shaheen, she cannot help her get over depression. “I am there to support her unconditionally. But she has her own process of dealing… which I can’t be a part of,” she added. Recently, Shaheen had written about battling depression since the age of thirteen on social media.

  • When a guy disturbed Ranveer taking a piss…
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 2:16:22 IST

    In an interview with a leading daily, Ranveer was asked that has he ever drunk-dialed an ex? Well, the answer to the query was simple – “I don’t drink, and so I have never drunk-dialed an ex! I drink coffee.” Ranveer also shared one more experience and it was an encounter with a fan. He said, “I was once at a five-star hotel and I was taking a piss in the stall and this guy was taking a high definition video of me taking a piss! I turned around and almost punched him in the face; I was like Dude what are you doing!”

  • Pawan pays no heed to Mahesh Babu’s advice?
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 10:00:43 IST

    Pawan and Mahesh are good friends. Mahesh also gave voice for Pawan’s Jalsa. Both are top heroes and both have great following. While Mahesh stayed away from politics, Pawan is juggling between both acting and Jana Sena. Now, the buzz is that Mahesh advised Pawan to work only with big directors and not to experiment with newcomers. Want to know what Pawan did with this advice? He is currently working with a new Tamil director. Got the answer?

  • Filmi ‘Gold’ is now Modi’s target
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 9:54:25 IST

    Black money hoarders are a worried lot with Modi’s cash clean up drive. Most worried are the filmi people. Ever since Modi announced demonetization, they are scrambling to salvage their black cash. They bought gold on back dated bills. The gold stock in some filmi personalities rose by the hour as there was a mad rush for gold buying. Now, what will they do as Modi’s next target is gold?

  • Woman delivers baby in bank queue in Kanpur
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 9:37:40 IST

    A woman delivered a child while standing in a queue to withdraw cash from Punjab National Bank in Jhinjhak of Kanpur Dehat district on Friday. Women customers helped Sarvesha Devi, a resident of Sardarpur Ke Majra, deliver the male child, her fifth, in the premises of the bank. A bank official said that the woman, who had come to withdraw Rs 5,000 to deposit an instalment of a Lohia Awas loan, had been in the queue since 11 am.

  • Rashmi Gautam’s song is still viral
    Published Date : 03-Dec-2016 1:02:34 IST

    The song Nee Sontham from Guntur Talkies starring Rashmi Gautam has been viral on Youtube even a year after release with over three crore views so far! The actress is said to be the main attraction in the song with many comparing her to Sunny Leone.

    full article @ youtube
  • No pre-release midnight shows for Dhruva
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2016 9:59:31 IST

    They say sentiments rule the roost in filmdom, more so in Telugu films. Cherry’s fans feel that special shows, premier shows and midnight shows are not good for his films. So, Allu Aravind has ruled that there would be no midnight shows or early morning shows for Dhruva. Perhaps he feels that the negative talk can ruin the film’s prospects. The fans can however have shows from 6 am on the release date.

  • Another hot anchor to do item song?
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2016 9:16:59 IST

    Item songs have become as essential as salt in a recipe. Every director wants to have the mandatory titillation for the audience. For Raj Tarun-Vamsi Krishna combo’s Kittugadu Vunnadu Jagratta, the makers are planning to rope in Rashmi Gautam. If Rashmi rejects, they would then explore other options. Is Rashmi, who is known for raising mercury in the films, ready to go for it?

  • Biggest Indian Exchange’s CEO Quits Months Before IPO
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2016 6:57:03 IST

    In a surprise move, Chitra Ramkrishna today quit as Managing Director and CEO of the National Stock Exchange with immediate effect presumably over differences with some board members, after having served the premier bourse for over two decades since its inception. While the exchange cited “personal reasons” for her departure, sources said the exchange veteran decided to leave — months ahead of its proposed IPO — following differences with some board members. Senior executive J Ravichandran has been given the interim charge.

  • Akkinenis have no plan to move to Vizag
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2016 4:49:36 IST

    Contrary to expectations, Telugu film industry might not after all shift to Vizag. With all their assets and links, the industry biggies want to stay in Hyderabad and be pally with the TRS Government. At least Akkinenis have made it clear that they are not moving out. Akhil said shifting was neither viable nor profitable. He also said managing a studio is no small business. It appears though young, Akhil has lot of business sense.

  • Sunny becomes the most searched personality of 2016
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2016 4:41:07 IST

    The former adult movie star has trumped Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Salman Khan to become the most searched personality for the fifth consecutive year in India, as revealed by Yahoo! India. Salman continued to be the ‘Bigg Boss’ landing the top spot for the most searched male celebrity of 2016. The second most searched male celeb was not another Khan but stand-up comedian and TV personality Kapil Sharma who is followed by Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

  • Nag buys himself a BMW
    Published Date : 02-Dec-2016 3:48:15 IST

    Tollywood’s sexiest senior Akkineni Nagarjuna bought himself a swank new car on his 57th birthday. The Rs 1.87 crore BMW from 7 series 750LIX drive sports vehicle of 2016. The car is like a care of address for luxury and comfort. Nagarjuna went to the RTA office at Khairatabad, affixed his digital signature, got photographed and got TS09 EQ 9669 as his registration number.