• NTR gets foreign makeup artistes for Bobby film
    Published Date : 25-Mar-2017 10:35:48 IST

    NTR sidelined his close friend Vakkantam Vamsi to okay Bobby’s film. He liked the story that Bobby narrated so much and jumped at it as he can do three roles. One of the three roles would be unique and for this, makeup artistes from abroad have been roped in for the makeup. The look of this role would be released right before the release.

  • Why Kaikala didn’t get Padma award?
    Published Date : 25-Mar-2017 9:35:29 IST

    Kaikala Satyanarayana is the pride of Telugus. But, he has never managed to get a Padma award. He says he doesn’t have any backer to argue his case. He said once his name was recommended, but a minister put spokes in the plan. He said the minister said how can a TDP man get Padma award under Congress rule. That’s how Kaikala lost out.

  • 360 degree view for Bahubali 2 pre-release event
    Published Date : 25-Mar-2017 9:32:46 IST

    This is the time of pre-release functions. Even Baahubali 2 is going to have a pre-release function. Rajamouli has announced that Bahubali 2 pre-release event would be organised on March 26 and the audio of the film would be available in stores from that day. He says the event can be watched with 4k resolution and 360 degree angle.

  • Time Pawan comes out of safe play
    Published Date : 25-Mar-2017 9:31:50 IST

    Isn’t it time that Pawan Kalyan stops playing the same game? He is dependent on mass elements, stunts and typical mannerisms. He chose a safe story like Veeram, which has all mass elements. The result is Katamarayudu turned out to be an old wine. Isn’t it time that Pawan Kalyan take the current generation’s likes and dislikes into account.

  • Nikhil’s praise of Katamarayudu backfires
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 9:34:13 IST

    Hero Nikhil’s attempt to pander to Pawan Kalyan backfired badly. He tweeted about Katamarayudu in glowing terms and said the film had a great reception. Interestingly, he hasn’t seen the movie himself. So, the social media trolled him for his trumpeting of Katamarayudu. Nikhil should learn that he is a hero in his own right and stop pandering.

  • Pic Talk: Manmathudu doesn’t age
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 9:27:38 IST

    It’s not for nothing that Nagarjuna is called Manmathudu. At 57, he is so handsome that fans are going bonkers over him. He posted some pics of Rajugari Gadhi 2 with Seerat Kapoor after winding up Puduchcherry schedule. All those who saw the pics say that Nag hasn’t aged at all. He can give Seerat a run for her money in looks.

  • Shruthi… Head straight to gym!!
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 3:48:38 IST

    There was one big disappointment in Katamarayudu. That is Shruthi Haasan’s weight. Most viewers felt she should urgently head to a gym. Immensely talented, this spicy beauty looked weighty in Katamarayudu. She doesn’t have too many offers on hand to ignore workout. So, she has all the time in the world to do workout. Time she focused on fitness.

  • Nayan acting opposite comedian
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 2:15:09 IST

    See who is acting opposite comedian Soori? The days of big time heroines acting with big ticket heroes in big bang films seems to be over. The buzz is that Nayanathara is all set to act with Soori, who made a name with Vishal’s Pooja. Sources say, she has agreed to do this film for a hefty remuneration. Nayan currently has films like “Dora” and “Arram” ready for the release.

  • This dance master disappointed Harish Shankar
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 9:40:48 IST

    For Allu ARjun’s DJ, director Harish Shankar roped in famed Bollywood dance director Ganesh Acharya. This is the second time that Allu and Ganesh are working together. Last time, Ganesh didn’t do much and simply okayed whatever Bunny suggested. This time too it was ditto. The final output was disappointing, leaving Harish Shankar fuming.Why get such big names, pay hefty sums and finally get disappointed?

  • Cherry’s B’Day delays Sukumar flick
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 8:39:50 IST

    Sukumar-Cherry film was to go on sets from March 20. But, the latest we get to hear is that the shoot won’t begin before April. This means the film will be delayed by a month. But, why? Our sources tell us that March 27 is Cherry’s birthday and he wants to celebrate his birthday with wife Upasana in a foreign locale. Only after that he will join the shooting and once, he joins, it will be a marathon innings, say sources.

  • NTR plays cop in Jai Lavakusha
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2017 7:36:06 IST

    NTR is currently working in Jai Lava Kusa, a Bobby directorial. The film, being produced by Kalyanram, is being shot in Ramoji Film City. There’s a talk that NTR will do a triple role. A recently released pic showed him in a top cop avatar. So, we can safely surmise that one of the roles is that of a cop. Also, the name plate shows Lavakumar as the name.

  • Srimukhi disappoints fans
    Published Date : 23-Mar-2017 10:35:51 IST

    When hot anchor Srimukhi was cast in adult comedy ‘Babu Baga Busy,’ young hearts jumped with excitement. Even the promo pics raised expectations that there would be hot and intimate scenes. But, Srimukhi poured cold water on all those expectations. She says she is doing a neat role that guides hero Avasarala Srinivas. She said there won’t be any hot scenes.

  • Puri on a re-think mode for Balayya project
    Published Date : 23-Mar-2017 8:25:18 IST

    Fear of ‘unknown’ seems to be stalking Puri Jagannadh. This flashy director wanted to make Balayya’s movie with all new actors. He even gave a casting call. But, there seems to be a re-think. He is now mulling to have known and proven cast for the film. He may have thought that risking an already sagging career with newcomers may not exactly be a great idea.

  • Aisha Sharma wants to be every man’s wet dream
    Published Date : 23-Mar-2017 8:24:11 IST

    Sexy model Aisha Sharma may have missed out Rogue, but she is all set to give you sneak peek into what she can offer. Awesome is a small word to describe this bomb of a girl. She has posted a video of hers in high resolution. Those little shreds that she wore are fighting a losing battle to conceal her lissome body. She has all It takes to become every man’s wet dream.