• TD-BJP patch up unlikely: Governor
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 9:11:18IST

    That there is no possibility of a thaw in the ongoing confrontation between the TDP and the BJP would be the most likely one-line summary of the report Governor Narasimhan would present to the Centre government. Governor, who left for Delhi on a two-day visit on Tuesday, is likely to meet Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh and submit his report on the political situation in both the Telugu states. It is significant to note that IB chief Rajiv Jain and the Governor held talks with Chandrababu at Vijayawada within a gap of four days.

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  • CBN says Governor rallying Opposition against TD
    Published Date : 25-Apr-2018 1:00:43IST

    Chandrababu made serious comments about Governor Narasimhan’s controversial behaviour. “The Governor is bringing all Opposition parties against the TDP, this has been reported in newspapers. It is not correct for a Governor to behave like this,” Mr Naidu said. He said that it was not correct for a Governor to behave in a partisan manner. Mr Naidu’s comments against the Governor came after a two-hour discussion between them two days ago, after which the Governor left for Delhi to submit a report on AP affairs to Prime Minister Modi.

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  • Couple prints wedding invite like voter ID to promote voting
    Published Date : 20-Apr-2018 11:42:38IST

    Ahead of assembly elections in Karnataka, a couple from state’s Haveri district has got their wedding invitations designed like a voter ID to urge people to vote. The invites have the National Emblem on top and a unique code ‘SJMRG27042018’, which is a combination of the groom and his fiancée’s initials along with the date of the wedding.

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  • ‘Rahul cannot speak for 15 min without looking at slips’
    Published Date : 19-Apr-2018 12:34:56IST

    After Congress President Rahul Gandhi said PM Narendra Modi won’t be able to speak in the Parliament for 15 minutes, the BJP said the 47-year-old cannot speak anywhere for 15 minutes without consulting a slip. The BJP further said Gandhi’s claim that PM Modi would not be able to face the Parliament over issues like the PNB fraud was “laughable”.

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  • BJP Men Want Chole-Bhature in Canteen
    Published Date : 11-Apr-2018 7:55:43IST

    The ‘chole bhature’ faux pas by Congress leaders before beginning a fast on Monday has become a talking point among BJP leaders. While some are taking steps to ensure nobody in the party commits the mistake on Thursday, others, tempted by photos, want to have the food soon. Some BJP leaders want it to be served in the canteen at the newly-built party headquarters and have asked the leadership to ensure that it is put on the menu.

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  • Babu calls off Delhi protests, What Next?
    Published Date : 10-Apr-2018 11:59:10IST

    Chandrababu has in effect called off the agitation for special category status. He has reportedly called back all his MPs. But, on the other hand, the YSRCP has put in place an adventurous plan. Once the two remaining MPs – Avinash Reddy and Midhun Reddy – are shifted to the hospital, Rajya Sabha MPs Vijay Sai Reddy and V Prabhakara Reddy will sit on fast. Once they are arrested, a team of MLAs will join the fast. This way, the YSRCP hopes to turn the heat on the Centre for at least 15 days more.

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  • Surprising Distance
    Published Date : 04-Apr-2018 6:54:36IST

    BJP chief Amit Shah’s distancing the saffron party from Ballari’s infamous mining baron G Janardhana Reddy came as a shock to many in the BJP. Reddy, whose financial muscle is understood to have earned him significant support in north Karnataka, and brought the BJP to power in the 2008 Assembly elections, had recently challenged the Congress that he would do so again.

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  • 2 + 5 + 7 = 257, So Says CM’s Driver
    Published Date : 04-Apr-2018 6:46:50IST

    Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s driver Nitya, who has been with him for the past 19 years, pointed to a peculiar coincidence in 2006 Chamundeshwari bypoll. “Siddaramaiah won this contest by a whisker-slim margin of 257 votes,” Nitya said. Wonder why? He concluded: “The CM has lost this seat twice, won it five times and contested from here seven times, hence 257.”

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  • Kodandaram’s party gets poll panel approval
    Published Date : 01-Apr-2018 8:41:02IST

    Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman prof Kodandaram’s political plunge has finally been confirmed. The Election Commission has approved his party’s name ‘Telangana Jana Samithi’ and the academic-turned-politician is likely to announce his party formally along with its objectives and agenda either on April 2 or 4. Kodandaram has also decided to hold a public meeting on April 29. TJAC sources said he has already approached police seeking permission for the public meeting.

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  • Is Chandra Babu Uncle To Sai Reddy?
    Published Date : 29-Mar-2018 12:21:11IST

    YSRCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy who has been quite active for some time now at the national level has surprised one and all by addressing AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu as ‘U Turn Uncle’. Talking to media in New Delhi, he said though Babu stated he would call upon an all-party meet, the meeting ended up being a failed attempt. He further added that no one trusted him anymore as he has been repeating the same thing time and again.

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  • MP’s Rs 6 Crore Feast
    Published Date : 29-Mar-2018 12:17:40IST

    The ostentatious celebration of Majlis MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s daughter’s engagement was a much debated topic today. It is said that gold-plated plates were flown in specially from Dubai for the event. Nearly Rs 85 lakh was spent on floral arrangement. A total of 10,000 guests were invited to the event. Though Owaisi is usually heard complaining about the wastage of money during weddings, he made sure that his daughter had a memorable engagement ceremony complain social commentators.

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  • Janardhana Reddy to Contest on BJP Ticket
    Published Date : 28-Mar-2018 1:10:12IST

    Somashekhara Reddy, younger brother of G Janardhana Reddy, has said that his elder brother will contest on a BJP ticket. One of the richest politicians in the country, Janardhana is a leader from Bellary district of the state. The businessman is one of the prime accused in the illegal mining scam in Bellary and Belekeri port scam.

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  • Naidu to sue Modi government on AP special status
    Published Date : 24-Mar-2018 12:58:24IST

    AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has decided to drag Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to court on the special category status issue. Mr Naidu has decided to take up the matter of special status for Andhra Pradesh — which exists in the AP Reorganisation Act, but which the Centre refuses to implement — to the Supreme Court. After the current session of Parliament ends at the end of the month, the AP government will file a writ petition in the SC in the matter.

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  • Hyderabad-based firm cheats 8 banks of ₹1,400 crore
    Published Date : 22-Mar-2018 11:02:48IST

    The CBI has registered a case against Hyderabad-based Totem Infrastructure and its Directors Tottempudi Salalith and Tottempudi Kavita for cheating eight banks of nearly ₹1,400 crore. The case was filed based on a complaint from Union Bank of India which had given a loan of ₹313 crore. The loan was declared non-performing on June 30, 2012.

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  • Will Lokesh slap a defamation case on Pawan?
    Published Date : 21-Mar-2018 5:11:09IST

    Nara Lokesh would soon take a call on whether to slap a defamation case on Pawan Kalyan, who called the former a corrupt politician. But, Pawan stuck to his guns. Speaking to national media, he said he has key evidences to back his claim. If Lokesh slaps a case, Pawan will make public the evidences. Our gut feeling is that Lokesh might not file a case and Pawan may never reveal the evidence.

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