• Lacking in Fire Power
    Published Date : 24-Feb-2017 7:39:10 IST

    Textile minister Smriti Irani is one of the BJP star campaigners in UP but, many feel, her fire power is down a few notches, especially in Amethi. She had given a tough fight to Congress veep Rahul Gandhi in 2014 LS polls from Amethi.While she is still campaigning in the area with rallies through this week, her speeches are nowhere near the sharp attacks she is known to wield.

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  • The ‘Kamal’ Idea in TN
    Published Date : 22-Feb-2017 7:32:14 IST

    If Panneerselvam’s sudden shedding of his docile self and emerging as a rebel against Sasikala made many suspect deft behind the scene play, Tamil Nadu political circles are intrigued by film star Kamal Haasan going prolific with political comments – both on Twitter and in interviews. Many wonder whether this ‘politically conscious Haasan’ – not seen during the Amma era is sign of some force backing him, or is he getting ideas about a ‘kamal dream’ in the post-Jaya scenario.

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  • Don’t Smile at Me in House, Stalin’s Strange Advice to the New CM
    Published Date : 17-Feb-2017 3:40:42 IST

    DMK’s Working President MK Stalin, took a dig at the split within the AIADMK and advised newly-sworn-in Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami against smiling at him in the Assembly. The strange advice comes days after VK Sasikala said O Panneerselvam had smiled at Stalin in the Assembly and demanded that he step down for “siding” with the DMK.

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  • 6K priests to hold spl pujas on KCR’s b’day
    Published Date : 17-Feb-2017 7:55:20 IST

    The state is all set to celebrate the 64th birthday of chief minister K day of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in style on Friday. In an unprecedented manner, more than 6,000 archakas working in 11,200 temples across the state are to mark the day by conducting special pujas and homams. Similarly, exservicemen are planning to celebrate KCR’s birthday by offering prayers at mosques, churches and temples and pray for the CM’s long life.

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  • Cat & Mouse Game For Policemen
    Published Date : 17-Feb-2017 7:47:38 IST

    The cops have found that surprise checks of vehicles for cash is not yielding results. Those transferring cash use informers to warn them about routes on which the cops are engaged in these checks. The informers riding two-wheelers drive a few miles ahead of the vehicle and call the carrier if there is a police check-post.Only after getting a green signal, the money carrying cars go ahead.

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  • Friendship First for Didi
    Published Date : 16-Feb-2017 9:36:39 IST

    Known for having an opinion on almost everything under the sun, Mamata Banerjee has been silenced by friendship. When asked to comment on the present fiasco in Tamil Nadu and elections in Uttar Pradesh, the eloquent CM put her finger on her lips and gestured that she preferred silence.She would stay mum as both the states are her `friend states’. With this Banerjee sure has raised the bar higher when it comes to friendship between states.

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  • Police At Golden Bay Resort, Ask AIADMK MLAs to Vacate
    Published Date : 15-Feb-2017 3:27:05 IST

    Over 500 police officials can be seen at the Golden Bay resort, where the MLAs are staying. The police battalion has reached at Kuvathur village after an AIADMK MLA Saravanan filed a complaint against Sasikala and Edappadi Palaniswami for allegations including kidnapping. Meanwhile, sources say that Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao to take final decision within 24 hrs on calling either Palaniswami or O Panneerselvam.

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  • Chinnamma Leaves For Bengaluru Jail
    Published Date : 15-Feb-2017 12:27:35 IST

    AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala on Wednesday paid floral tribute to Jayalalithaa at Chennai’s Marina Beach before heading to Bengaluru. The SC on Wednesday refused to give more time to Sasikala and asked her to surrender immediately. Meanwhile, Sasikala appointed nephew TTV Dinakaran as deputy general secretary of AIADMK on Wednesday.

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  • Akhilesh trying to woo Jagan?
    Published Date : 15-Jan-2017 7:58:45 IST

    Is Akhilesh Yadav, who rebelled against his father in UP, trying to forge a political link with YS Jagan? It appears so as like Akhilesh, Jagan too is a young leader and has a rebellious streak. He too has immense popularity. Akhilesh, who is planning to forge a national alternative to the BJP by 2019 elections, is planning to make Jagan a key player in his strategy. Sources said Akhilesh would take care of North India, while Jagan will take care of the South. There is every possibility that Jagan would play Chandrababu’s role at the Centre.

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  • Chandrababu touring more countries than Sushma Swaraj!
    Published Date : 13-Jan-2017 7:57:12 IST

    Is Chandrababu Naidu India’s foreign affairs minister? In fact he is going on foreign joints much more than Sushma Swaraj. He is just back from Sri Lanka tour. Soon after Sankranthi, he will be off to Switzerland. He would be accompanied by a big delegation of officials and advisers. Despite heavy criticism, Chandrababu is going on a foreign tour spree. The funds for the tour have already been released.

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  • TV anchor’s query turns Chandrababu pale
    Published Date : 11-Jan-2017 1:15:11 IST

    Chandrababu fumbled for words and his discomfiture is to be seen to be believed. On Tuesday, he attended the India Today South Conclave, where the anchor questioned his claims of honesty and asked him why he was encouraging defections from the Opposition. Babu had no reply and true to his style went into an angry harangue to extricate. Babu had tough time convincing the anchor and cut a sorry figure at the end of the talk.

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  • Turncoat leader gets chappal treatment
    Published Date : 01-Jan-2017 1:57:59 IST

    Floor-crossing is the order of the day in Andhra Pradesh. When Gudiwada Municipal chairperson Yalavarthi Srinivasa Rao jumped from YSRCP to TDP, he thought there would be just customary breast-beating by the YSRCP. But, on Saturday, a YSRCP councilor slapped him with his chappals and dared him to fight elections again. Rao became chairman only due to the majority that YSRCP had in the council. Rao may have to live with this infamy for life.

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  • Ganta faces trouble as bank threatens to attach assets
    Published Date : 30-Dec-2016 2:35:49 IST

    Ganta Srinivas Rao hopped parties at the right time and remained a lucky political survival. But, now he has trouble in another front. He was and guarantor for an Indian Bank loan that his co-brother PV Bhaskar Rao took for Pratyusha Resources and Infra Pvt Ltd. Ganta too worked as director for some time for this company. Now, Bhaskar Rao has defaulted payments and the bank sent a notice to attach all properties of Ganta as he is the guarantor. Let’s see how Ganta extricates out of this mess.

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  • How did 2016 go for Pawan Kalyan?
    Published Date : 29-Dec-2016 12:59:41 IST

    Year 2016 has been a lukewarm year for Power Star. His only film Sardar Gabbar Singh sank without a trace. As politico, he did address few public meetings, but beyond that he did nothing to strengthen the party. He appointed a media points person and an incharge for Telanana for Jana Sena. But, they did precious little. This year saw the distance growing between Pawan and TDP and BJP. TDP was cagey, but BJP bolder when it came to taking on Pawan. So, 2017 would be critical for Pawan both as a politico and as an actor.

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  • Penalty if found with old notes after Dec 30?
    Published Date : 27-Dec-2016 7:55:36 IST

    On Monday night, PTI put out a report saying the government was understood to be mulling an ordinance to impose penalties on anyone possessing more than 10 each of the junked Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes beyond December 30, when the deadline to deposit them in banks expires. The move was likely to come up before the Cabinet on Wednesday, the agency said.

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