• Watch: This is how TDP MLA abused Vijay Sai Reddy
    Published Date : 22-Jun-2017 6:17:15 IST

    YS Jagan’s Maha Dharna over Vizag land scam is sending shivers through the spine of TDP. Even before the Dharna is over, TDP MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana came before the media and amid high drama used invectives like ‘Naa Kodaka’ and ‘Cheppu To Kodathaa’, considered very abusive and insulting, while referring to soft-spoken and mild-mannered YSRCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy. He also called Vijay Sai a ”scoundrel.” How low can anyone get than this?

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  • KRK accuses Indian players of fixing, demands jail for them
    Published Date : 19-Jun-2017 4:15:21 IST

    Kamal Rashid Khan, in a series of tweets, has alleged that the Indian cricketers had fixed the Champions Trophy final against Pakistan and has demanded jail for the players. He further demands that BCCI’s recognition should be revoked while ‘Deshdrohis’ including Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh should be banned by the government.

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  • After airlines ban him, JC flies to Paris for holiday
    Published Date : 17-Jun-2017 12:57:43 IST

    TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy, who has been banned by seven domestic airlines, has flown to Paris for a family vacation. Reddy was banned by IndiGo on Thursday for misbehaving with staff at Visakhapatnam airport, following which six other airlines also banned him. He has refused to apologise for the incident, while the civil aviation ministry has ordered a probe.

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  • I’m strict non-vegetarian: Naidu
    Published Date : 17-Jun-2017 12:24:53 IST

    Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has said that he is a strict non-vegetarian and food is a personal choice. He added, “Nobody told me what to eat and what not to eat.” Venkaiah further accused a certain channel of showing debates on the “non-existing beef ban”, where discussions on whether India will be turned into a vegetarian country were being held.

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  • CM’s Open Orange Love
    Published Date : 14-Jun-2017 7:59:08 IST

    Orange is the staple colour of UP CM Yogi Adityanath and he takes care to stick to the same to the last detail. In Delhi on Monday when he met the PM, Yogi made it a point to present a bouquet of orange Asiatic lilies to the PM. In Lucknow, his office chair and sofas are always draped with orange towels. Yogi has got an orange coloured lounge chair at his home.

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  • Venkaiah’s Simple Advice
    Published Date : 14-Jun-2017 7:58:01 IST

    Urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu faced a tough time at the press conference on three years’ achievement of his ministry. It wasn’t the questions but the two booklets he had to release. What could have been half-a-minute job took the minister a couple of minutes. As he was handed the second book, he told his staff “you should keep the packaging simple”.

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  • RBI to introduce new ₹500 notes, old notes to remain valid
    Published Date : 13-Jun-2017 3:30:58 IST

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will introduce a new batch of ₹500 currency notes, which will have inset letter ‘A’. However, old notes, which were introduced following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move, will continue to remain legal tender. The note will bear the signature of RBI Governor Urjit Patel and will have the year of printing ‘2017’.

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  • Over 15,000 companies made profits but paid no tax
    Published Date : 12-Jun-2017 4:25:59 IST

    Tax incentives allowed 15,080 profit-making Indian companies to have effective tax rates of zero or even less than zero in 2015-16, an IndiaSpend analysis revealed. Additionally, larger corporations paid lower tax rates than smaller ones during the period. Effective tax rate is the rate actually paid by companies on profits, calculated as tax actually paid divided by profits before tax.

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  • MLAs, MPs give Nava Nirmana Deeksha a miss
    Published Date : 03-Jun-2017 1:45:10 IST

    Not only is the much-touted Nava Nirmana Deeksha of Chandrababu a failure, as many as 12 MLAs, 3 MLCs and two MPs gave the programme a miss. This has irked Chandrababu. He directed the party MLAs, MPs and MLCs not to miss the party programmes being organised from Saturday till June 7. He said he would personally monitor the attendance and said serious action would be taken against those playing truant.

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  • Rajini’s political entry to take shape in Bengaluru?
    Published Date : 30-May-2017 1:08:47 IST

    Super Star Rajinikanth’s film journey started from Bengaluru, when was working as a bus conductor. Incidentally, the actor is now relying on Bengaluru based institution, to give wings, to his political ambitions. It is reported that Rajinikanth will be assisted by a Bengaluru institution in setting up party’s agenda and in garnering people support to convert it into votes. Some of the associations have protested against his political entry because of his Karnataka roots.

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  • Was Harikrishna attacking Chandrababu?
    Published Date : 28-May-2017 6:36:57 IST

    Nandamuri Harikrishna, the charioteer for legendary NTR, prayed at NTR memorial on latter’s birth anniversary on Sunday. But, what he spoke there was truly sensational. He said the present governments were only repackaging the schemes put in place by late NTR. The present crap is trying to peddle lies that these schemes are their brainwaves. Was he indicating at Chandrababu Naidu?

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  • Bobbitise rapists, says Rajakumari
    Published Date : 25-May-2017 8:09:56 IST

    Nannapaneni Rajaku mari, chairperson of Andhra Pradesh State Women’s Commission, on Wednesday said women should cut off the genitals of men trying to rape or sexually exploit them. “Those men who sexually assault or rape women should be castrated,” Rajakumari said.

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  • Twitter slams CM over ‘I let ambulance overtake’ post
    Published Date : 23-May-2017 11:18:37 IST

    Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has been slammed on Twitter for boasting about letting an ambulance overtake his VIP convoy in a tweet. “So this is a big achievement haan? Come on it’s basic common sense to give ambulance priority,” a user tweeted. “WOW. Great achievement! You deserve a NOBEL Peace Prize for this,” another tweet read.

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  • Rajiv was assassinated 26 years ago on this day
    Published Date : 21-May-2017 10:47:01 IST

    Former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, was assassinated by a female suicide bomber on May 21, 1991, while conducting an election campaign in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. The bomb attack was carried out by Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, also known as Dhanu, who was reportedly a member of the Sri Lankan militant organisation Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

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  • Shatrughan in his tweets urges Rajinikanth to join politics
    Published Date : 18-May-2017 9:56:13 IST

    Actor and BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha took to Twitter to urge actor Rajinikanth to take up politics in Tamil Nadu. Shatrughan tweeted, “Hope wish and pray that the titanic megastar, people’s darling, our dear friend and TN super hero Rajinikanth rises.” He further tweeted that it is the right time for Rajinikanth to reach out to his people.

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