• NiMo, NaMo both sold false dreams: RaGa

    NiMo, NaMo both sold false dreams: RaGa

    Published Date : 21-Feb-2018 8:50:03 IST

    Congress chief Rahul Gandhi tore into the PM and Nirav Modi at a rally in Meghalaya on Tuesday. “Nirav Modi sold dreams to many people, including the government, which happily slept while he ran away with hard-earned money of people. Another Modiji, the PM, also sold dreams — of achhe din, Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s bank account, 2 crore jobs. As the Modi government nears the end of its tenure, it is clear that instead of giving hope, security and growth, they have given us only hopelessness, unemployment, fear, and violence,” he said.

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