• Now, an official spoof on Kiki challenge

    Now, an official spoof on Kiki challenge

    Published Date : 20-Aug-2018 7:48:20 IST

    To warn youngsters in the city against the popular KiKi Challenge, Hyderabad traffic police shared a spoof on their official Twitter account. The video shows a youngster dancing after jumping out of a car to the tune of a track by Drake, ‘In My Feelings’ from his latest album ‘Scorpion’. In the middle of the performance, two cops join the person, only to arrest him right after. Armed with the fun video, traffic cops tweeted saying, “#HYDTPweCareForU Beware @ HYDTP is on surveillance #KikiChallenge will lead you behind the bars. We believe law-abiding Hyderabadis never try #KikiChallenge”.

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