• Balapur laddu sold for Rs 16.6 lakh

    Balapur laddu sold for Rs 16.6 lakh

    Published Date : 24-Sep-2018 12:53:11 IST

    The 21-kg Balapur Ganesh laddu was auctioned for Rs 16.6 lakh in its silver jublee year on Sunday. The successful bidder was Mr Teneti Srinivas Gupta, on behalf of the Arya Vysya Sangh, Balapur. Mr Gupta, a realtor who also has a rice business, is president of the sangh. The auction took a mere 15 minutes, and fetched Rs 1 lakh more than last year. Mr Gupta said he would have bid till Rs 20 lakh. He will distribute it to everyone he knows.

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