• The Most Common Type Of Lawsuits In USA

    The Most Common Type Of Lawsuits In USA

    Published Date : 28-Jul-2017 5:21:08 IST

    Lawsuits In USA

    There are many kinds of lawsuits available in the United States of America. The Busch Law Group comes across multiple such cases on a daily basis. Even though each case is unique, they can be categorized into broad segments.  Here are some of the most common lawsuits filed in the United States legal system:

    Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

    This is another important lawsuit in the United States that gives the employees the power to sue their employers in the scenario that they were wrongfully terminated from work. Now, there are different definitions of what wrongful or illegal termination refers to. In fact, this meaning varies from one state to another. Considering the broader reasons, wrongful termination is valid when it comes to termination due to religious or political beliefs, or discrimination based on the race or gender of the employee, and even for reporting a safety violation in the organization. The damages to be paid by the employer usually cover loss of pay and benefits. In addition, punitive damages are meant for suing the employer for improper behaviour.

    Product liability lawsuit

    This is one of the most common types of lawsuits filed in the United States of America. This primarily arises from an injury caused to the petitioner from a damaged or defective product. This, in turn, points towards improper manufacturing or defective designing. The 1994 case of Liebeck v. McDonald’s is a prime example of this type of a lawsuit. The petitioner claimed compensatory damages for the burns sustained on her skin for spilling McDonald’s coffee. Eventually, it was proven in court that the brand served their coffee 40 degrees higher than normal and thus had to advertise this fact well. These lawsuits, however, are not common with service brands like LocksmithPros. They are available at your doorstep any time during the day or night. They provide efficient car and home lockout services to its clients.

    Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

    This particular lawsuit caters to medical patients that were inappropriately treated or are suffering from health issues owing to the negligence of a medical practitioner. These issues set you up for a medical malpractice suit. The attorney here plays a rather crucial role. Their role is to judge and ascertain if there was any breach in the standard of care provided to the petitioner. This breach could have possibly increased the extent of the injury, or could additional health issues to the patient. These cases could reach very complicated levels. This is the reason why it is best to have experienced medical malpractice lawyers for these lawsuits.

    Slip and Fall Lawsuits

    These slip and fall accidents are actually very common, in every sphere. This could take place in a restaurant, or in a grocery store, at work, and the likes. The primary motive for this lawsuit is to prove negligence from the property owner’s perspective. This could take up two different directions. The owner could be sued for either not fixing an issue with the flooring or for not warning the public in advance to main caution. Apart from knowing the laws, the attorneys should be experienced enough here to make a judgement on the appropriate compensation for the lawsuit.

    Drug Recall Lawsuits

    A drug recall lawsuit again borders around the concepts of medical practices in order to promote good health. In the scenario that you have taken a drug that has now been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration and that has resulted in serious health issues, you can file a drug recall lawsuit for damages. These health problems pertain to cancer, any form of heart disease, brain stroke, or diseases around bladder health. In fact, multiple users of the drug in question can file their lawsuits at the same time to sue the drug manufacturer. An experienced attorney comes in handy here.

    Car Accident Lawsuits

    The car accident lawsuit is one of the most common types of lawsuits in America. This is filed when victims of a car accident encounter major medical problems along with an added financial burden. The latter could be caused by an excessive medical bill or heavy vehicle repair costs, or undergoing unpaid time off work or facing permanent or temporary disability. This lawsuit works with investigating the details of the incident, and interacting with potential witnesses and also negotiating with the insurance company to get the best deals for the injured victim of the accident.

    While every legal case is unique, each lawsuit requires experience and skill from the attorney in order to deliver results.

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