• Top Indian Original Series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

    Top Indian Original Series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

    Published Date : 15-Mar-2018 2:14:15 IST

    Indian motion pictures are hitting high knots, breaking the film market, and in the process creating a large viewer base.

    Film cornerstones, Netflix and Amazon Prime videos have reserved space in their ever-expanding galleries to give audiences a taste of Indian series. Below is a list of prominent Indian series that have broken the Indian film industry and the globe.

    1. Sacred Games

    Taking place in fast-paced Mumbai, the best Hindi series goes a long way in revealing the cruelty of one Ganesh Gaitonde (Siddiqui), a crook orchestrating terror and unrest.

    With such a rampage going loose, hope now lies in the hands of a cop by the name Sartaj Singh (Khan). The most unfortunate part is the fake that he has only 25 days to come up with a solution before the whole mishap goes completely haywire.

    This Netflix Hindi blockbuster stars Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte and Kalki Koechlin.

    Its a must watch action-packed piece, which will surely keep you at the edge of your and inside the popcorn jar.

    2. She

    This Netflix piece subdues its cores to male jingoism, clearly laying a leveled idea of men being definite and precise.

    A middle class and modest police sergeant is the center of the whole scheme, having to jump out of his calm sphere to go and expose all the shenanigans perpetrated by a criminal guru.

    It's noble and heroic, clearly invigorating the masculine sentiment in men and thanks to Imtiaz Ali’s, (The Director) to provide such a success.

    3. Dehli crime

    With Netflix sweet tooth on action packs and intense series, this seven-part series divulges the ghost that haunts Dehli, rape. Though the intense calling piece focuses on the Nirbhaya rape case, it further narrates the ghastliness poised by the internationally acclaimed scenario.

    In directing the film, Richie Mehta gears his watchdog abilities in trying to expose the mishaps that hinder Dehli police to fully carry out their call of justice. With the media profusely influencing the progression of the storyline, it (media) is just trying to focus on the victim and the incident alone.

    Mehta's sheer passion for film is observed in the pre-engagement with Dehli Police Department, a clever way in an attempt to grasp the who does what, what happens where, and who does what when that happens.

    Critique or no critique, that's creativity!

    4. Made in Heaven

    Amazon Prime Video platform now had a chance to feed viewers with a nine-part series centered on the merriment of a wedding.

    The 2019 fictional treat stars Tara (Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan (Arjun Mathur) who manage to go deep into the typical elite classism of India.

    Located in Dehli, the two ambitious wedding architects try to conquer challenges that beseech them in their professional encounters. Created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, their main aim was to give the audience a taste of the modern society in India at the same galvanizing it with the challenges encountered by the main characters.

    5. Leila

    Leila caught the world by storm, especially the feminine considering that she (Leila) had to maneuver through a politically, economically, and socially vindictive terrain.

    Based on a novel by Prayaag Akbar, the first of its kind to present a miserable and dysfunctional society, it tracks down a disturbing voyage of a woman called Shalini (Huma Qureshi) who has swayed away from the austerity of her family into this unwanting rotten society.

    Leila stands out above the rest and no wonder people always said, "Everybody hates Leila". The Netflix original series poses a futuristic turn of events that are difficult to presume.

    6. Taj Mahal

    The 1989 Netflix original tv series has love as its core. Firstly, it focuses on Sarita and Akhtar, two college professors who fight the challenge of stressful everyday tasks and at the same time are confined in lowly affectionate marriages.

    Sudhakar (Akhtar’s long-lost friend) and Mumtaz also wear social armor to defeat the social evils and theirs is a hard-fought relationship.

    Dharam and Rashmi slither through a dense love forest haunted by politics, jealousy, and differing priorities. The series is basically a relevant show of lost, eternal, hard-fought love.

    7. Alfos

    Rated as one of the best Amazon Prime series, it traces a gloomy comedy of a man (Nakul) attempting to take his a dozen times but failing. Failing to do so, he assigns someone though it turns out to be a chasing game.

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